Upcoming Combine Schedule

Championship Combines is excited to re-start our nationally recognized Volleyball Recruiting Combines.  Even with the new reality of COVID 19, college volleyball coaches must continue to recruit, and the combine format allows for quick, efficient evaluations of players.  At Championship, we will follow each host city’s COVID 19 protocols, while providing the environment for college coaches and high school age athletes to pursue their recruiting goals!


December 6th – Lone Star Recruiting Combine – Austin, TX

December 19th – North Country Recruiting Combine –  Minneapolis, MN

December 12th- Arizona Recruiting Combine – Phoenix, AZ

January 15th 2021 – KC MLK Recruiting Combine, Kansas City, MO

January 28th 2021 – Northern Lights Recruiting Combine – Omaha, NE


Previous combines (2020)


November 22nd – North Texas Recruiting Combine – Dallas, TX

November 15th – ShowMe Recruiting Combine – Kansas City, KS

November 8th – Northeast Oklahoma Recruiting Combine – Tulsa, OK

November 1st – Houston Recruiting Combine – Houston, TX

February 29th – Wichita Recruiting Combine – Wichita, KS

February 28th – Tour of Texas Finals Recruiting Combine – Austin, TX

February 27th – Lone Star 18’s Recruiting Combine – Austin, TX

February 20th – B.A.N.E. Boy’s Recruiting Combine – Harrisburg, PA

February 14th – NCVA President’s Day Recruiting Combine – San Jose, CA

February 14th – STL President’s Day Recruiting Combine – St. Louis, MO

February 7th – Dennis Lafata Classic Boys Recruiting Combine – St. Louis, MO

January 31st – Steel City Freeze Recruiting Combine – Pittsburgh, PA

January 31st – Route 66 Recruiting Combine – Springfield, MO

January 30th – Northern Lights Recruiting Combine – Minneapolis, MN

January 17th – Boy’s Winter Volleyball Championship Recruiting Combine – Chicago, IL

January 17th – NCVA CA Kickoff Recruiting Combine – San Jose, CA

January 17th – KC MLK Recruiting Combine – Kansas City, MO

January 10th – NorCal Boy’s Recruiting Combine – San Mateo, CA

January 10th – Tour of Texas Qualifier Recruiting Combine – San Antonio, TX

Covid-19 Canceled Events 

MEQ Elite Potential – March  – St. Louis, MO

MEQ – March – Indianapolis, IN

KRVA Spring – March – Harrisburg, PA

Lone Star Elite Potential – April – Dallas, TX

Lone Star -April – Dallas, TX

Show Me – April – Kansas, MO

Far Westerns Elite Potential – April  – Reno, NV

Far Westerns – April  – Reno, NV

NEQ Elite Potential – April – Philadelphia, PA

NEQ – April  – Philadelphia, PA

Can Am – May – Detroit, MI

East Coast  – May  – Pittsburgh, PA

Previous combines (2019) click here