Championship Combines is focused on creating the opportunity for players to demonstrate their volleyball skills and for college coaches to evaluate recruits in a quick and economical manner.  Contact information for each combine athlete will be provided to college volleyball coaches who attend a combine.  

The Combine format leans towards individual/position drills, as opposed to group/team play.  This allows the college coaches the ability to see multiple repetitions of specific skills, while also reducing the risk of injuries which can often occur in team competition.

Because the college volleyball recruiting landscape is constantly changing, we can make no promises that players who attend our Volleyball Recruiting Combines will be recruited by college volleyball programs.  Each college program has certain recruiting needs, which can change month to month.  Again, our focus is to create the opportunity where players can demonstrate their volleyball abilities to college volleyball coaches.



Information about each Combine can be found by clicking the combine name/box on the home page.  The current listing of college programs coming to recruit at the combine can be found by clicking the More Info button.

By clicking the Register button, it will take you to the Registration page specific to that combine.  On this registration page, you will find complete information about the location, times and cost before registering.