College Volleyball Recruiting Newsletter – III

Championship Combines is excited to announce our partnership with Athletic Recruiting Counselors (ARC), a Volleyball only recruiting support company!
Given today’s unprecedented challenges understanding and managing the recruiting process, we believe ARC has the best volleyball recruiting support in the country!
ARC’s focus is to provide unlimited personal support for a limited number of families.


Highlights of an ARC membership:


  • Home visit to discuss your Recruiting Goals.
  • Unlimited Recruiting Videos.
  • Dedicated Counselor to manage your personal Recruiting Plan.
  • Unlimited phone and video chat sessions with your Counselor.
  • Complimentary admissions to Championship Combines events.
  • No upsell ever! All-Inclusive Recruiting Support!


If you need help to manage the college volleyball recruiting process and want personal unlimited support, we strongly recommend that you schedule a Free Membership Evaluation with Athletic Recruiting Counselors – www.arcvb.com.