What is a Recruiting Combine?  Is this the same as a Showcase?

A Recruiting Combine is a recruiting exposure opportunity, usually the night before a large tournament, for high school age players to display their volleyball skill sets to attending college coaches.  Our focus is to bring together players and college coaches, so each can pursue their recruiting goals. Recruiting Combines have grown in popularity because each attending player is treated the same, with the same number of touches, with no favoritism because of a club team or high school attendance.  In addition, college coaches, no matter their school’s name, affiliation or division are provided equal access to the players.

A combine may also be known as a ‘showcase’ – We use the term Recruiting Combine because there are some small, invite only club volleyball tournaments or feature matchups that can be called a showcase.


What is the format of the Recruiting Combine?

Our Recruiting Combines are 90 minutes long, with the focus on maximum touches for the attending players.  Players are put through drills by position, and then group drills – This allows the players to demonstrate their skill sets and allows college coaches to effectively evaluate players. In a real sense, the recruiting combine is like an in person skills video for college coaches. We do not 6 on 6 scrimmage, as we want to reduce the chances of an injury, especially the night before a tournament.


Do you measure height, block jump, approach jump or speed test?

No – Our focus is on players demonstrating volleyball ability.  Through our experience, we have found that 90 minutes is a good time frame for players being on the courts and for college coaches being in the gym.  To do physical testing would require much more time for the players and college coaches don’t wish to be in the gym that long. At a Recruiting Combine, the college coaches are doing initial ability evaluations for their recruiting database.  College coaches are practiced at “seeing” how tall a player is and how high a player jumps.


Why are some combines video recorded while others are not?

We believe that college coaches being on the courts observing players is very important in the recruiting process; to this end, we work very hard at college coach attendance.  Some recruiting combines are video recorded, as it gives the opportunity for the college coaches to evaluate because the location or timing of the recruiting combine may not allow them to attend. For instance, we video record all our Boy’s Recruiting Combines because they are during the men’s collegiate volleyball season and college coaches are not able to attend.  With a few Girl’s Recruiting Combines, the location might be a bit removed for a large number of colleges to attend, or the combine might be in a NCAA recruiting quiet or dead period.  Again, our focus is bringing together in person, and if needed via video, players and college coaches.


Can parents have access to the video recording?  Is this a live stream recording?

At this moment, parents are not allowed access.  We have had some player privacy concerns with the video recording link, which has necessitated Championship Combines only making the recording available to college coaches.  Currently, our video combines are recorded, then distributed post combine to college coaches, which allows us to edit out down time, instructional periods, water breaks and thus make the video more ‘watchable’ for college coaches.  We are currently looking at a few streaming options, but we have concerns about consistent internet connectivity in the large convention centers and we do not want streaming companies selling player contact data or spamming our attending players/families with sales emails.


Will my athlete get recruited if they attend a Recruiting Combine?

There is no guarantee of recruitment or scholarship.  Each collegiate volleyball program has their own specific recruiting needs and these recruiting needs can change from month to month.  In addition, each college coach has their recruiting protocol/timing; some college coaches may reach out immediately after a recruiting combine, while others may wait a few weeks or even a month or so.  We encourage players to not become discouraged if colleges do not reach out after a recruiting combine, because it may simply be a situation where these schools were not recruiting your specific position and graduation year.


Do you evaluate or rate/rank athletes?

We do not evaluate or rate attending athletes for two reasons; 1) To comprehensively and honestly evaluate or rate all the players in a recruiting combine would take much longer than 90 minutes; 2) We would not want to ‘speak for’ other college coaches and what they see as the positives and negatives of a player. We focus on bringing together the players and the college coaches.


How much does a Recruiting Combine cost?

Each recruiting combine costs $120.00 plus taxes/fees.  We have a full refund available up to 48 hours before any recruiting combine.  Within 48 hours of a recruiting combine, we are not able to provide a refund.


What is the background of Championship Combines?

Championship Combines is a volleyball only recruiting combine company, and we have been fortunate enough to have grown into the largest volleyball recruiting combine company in the USA since being founded 10 years ago!.  We were created and are led by a former two time NCAA Division I National Champion, three time All American and 20+ year college volleyball coach (including 15 years as a NCAA Division I Head Coach).  Our management staff are all former college volleyball players, college volleyball coaches or club volleyball owners.  College Volleyball is our background – Our constant goal is to provide the opportunity for college coaches and high school athletes to efficiently pursue their recruiting goals.


Are college coaches allowed to speak with a player at the combine?

This depends upon the specific recruiting rules of each college coach’s governing body.  In general, most college coaches will not approach an athlete on site unless they are a current senior or at least a late spring Junior.  While college coaches may not approach an athlete onsite, especially underclassmen, this does not mean a college is not going to recruit them.  Many college coaches prefer to reach out to an athlete via email or text, before having a conversation.  As noted previously, each college coach has their own recruiting protocols.


How can I find out additional information about a specific Recruiting Combine?

Each recruiting combine has a unique registration page, via eventbrite.com, which contains specific information about that recruiting combine.  When a recruiting combine is open for registration, the recruiting combine will have an active link on the Combine Schedule tab on vbcombines.com.


What college coaches are attending a Recruiting Combine?

The names of attending colleges will be listed approximately 1 week before a combine on the vbcombines.com home page, at the “MORE INFO” button under each upcoming combine.


Does Championship Combines offer a recruiting service or recruiting support for players?

We do not, but Athletic Recruiting Counselors (ARC) offers personal and elite recruiting support.  ARC is the recruiting service partner of Championship Combines.  ARC is a volleyball only recruiting support company which has a limited number of families so they can provide unlimited support – To schedule a Free Recruiting Evaluation with ARC, please CLICK HERE!